Etten-Leur - NL
Etten-Leur - NL
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Miranda de Ebro
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Our racking provides space for as many as 3,350 euro-pallets.
3,500m2 and over 3,350 pallet spaces

Long-term storage

Since the completion of the new building in 2021, Transport van Overveld also offers longer-term warehousing. The warehousing activity is entirely separate from the transport activities. A dedicated team is on hand to discuss all questions and storage options.

3,500m2 floor space and 3,550 pallet spaces

Warehouse with sufficient capacity

Shortly after completion, racking was installed in the 2 storage cells. The racking has space for 3,350 euro-pallets; the total floor space is 3,500m2. In the smaller cell, the temperature can be kept stable between 16 and 21 degrees using an air cooling system. Ideal for products such as (packaged) chocolate and other confectionery.

Of course, your pallets are stored safely and under constant camera surveillance. A link to our WMS system means you always have an overview of your stock and the status of inbound and outbound orders.

Request an obligation-free quotation

A customised quotation in your email box within 24 hours for storing your goods in our modern warehouse.

Rob Ligthart, Operations Manager

We offer you just that little bit extra

Value Added Services

Value Added Services can be provided on request, such as stacking, repackaging, sealing pallets and order picking at both pallet and colli levels.

“dry cargo” and packaged foods

Regular or temperature-controlled storage.

Our storage capacity is intended for “dry cargo”. By this, we mean packaging materials, packaged foodstuffs, as well as wine and/or soft drinks. In the temperature-controlled section, the temperature can remain constant between 16 and 21 degrees.