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Transport Spain

The import and export of your goods to and from Spain.
35 years of experience in southern europe

Transportation to and from Spain?
Ask the specialist!

You are looking for a true Spain specialist to transport your goods to and from Spain. Then you are in the right place because Spain has been in our DNA for over 35 years. Whether a partial or full shipment, Transport van Overveld is your partner in getting it delivered in Spain, and with the coverage that our trucks have in Spain, it is also possible to quickly deliver your import shipment from Spain to you.

In addition, we also offer options for temporarily storing your import or export goods in our warehouse in Etten-Leur. Ask about the various possibilities for your company.

From 1 pallet to multiple ftls

Rapid transport to your destination

Transport van Overveld can handle any cargo, whether palletised, particular dimensions, ADR or conditioned. We have a solution for every type of cargo. Does it fit in a trailer? Then we can transport it for you!

From 1 pallet to multiple FTLs. At Transport van Overveld, you are at the right address. With a fleet of almost 150 tractor units and over 200 trailers, capacity is never a challenge.

Smart coupling systems and ‘postillion model’.

Smart coupling systems and our proven ‘postillion model’ make it possible to be in Barcelona within 24 hours, and we can even make it to Madrid within 30 hours. Using advanced telematics tracking systems, our planners have a constant overview and can give an immediate update on the status of your shipment.

Request an obligation-free quotation

A customised quotation in your email box within 24 hours for your transport to or from Spain.

Rob Ligthart, Operations Manager

Your cargo is always on the move

E-commerce and parcel shipments

By changing drivers at strategic points, the cargo is always on the move, and we can be in Barcelona within 24 hours and reach Madrid within 30 hours. We have refined this so-called “postillion model” in recent years by deploying double-manned trucks on most routes. Every week, at least 60 trucks leave for Spain using these systems.

A big advantage of this high throughput is that the trucks are not idle, and the cargo and drivers are not at risk in parking areas.

This is an ideal solution for e-commerce and parcel shipments, among others, to reach the last-mile delivery agent as quickly as possible and have your shipments delivered quickly in Spain. For more information and the options, please contact us at

We know every bodega

Experienced in wine transport

Spain is one of the largest wine producers in Europe. As Spain specialists, we visit all the important wine regions in Spain. We have already arranged shipments with almost every bodega in Spain.

Every day, we load several of our trucks in Spain with wine from areas such as Rueda and La Rioja and from Galicia to Andalusia. We are happy to collect the pallets of wine for you and deliver them to you or your customer. All orders receive personal attention from agreeing to the loading day with the bodega to delivery to the recipient. Our experienced team is at your service.

Transit times Spain

Groupage up to 3,000 kg
Vitoria-Gasteiz3 days
Barcelona3 days
Madrid3 to 4 days
Málaga5 days
Valencia5 days
Bilbao4 days
Zaragoza5 days
LTL up to 12,500 kg
Vitoria-Gasteiz4 days
Barcelona3 days
Madrid3 to 4 days
Málaga5 days
Valencia4 days
Bilbao4 days
Zaragoza4 days
LTL and FTL from 12,500 kg
Vitoria-Gasteiz3 days
Barcelona3 days
Madrid3 days
Málaga4 days
Valencia4 days
Bilbao3 days
Zaragoza4 days