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Etten-Leur - NL
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Transport Portugal

The import and export of your goods to and from Portugal.
35 years of experience in southern europe

Transport to and from Portugal?
Ask the specialist!

When you say Spain, Portugal naturally comes to mind. We have provided transport to and from Portugal for our regular customers for many years.

With the help of our regular Portuguese partner, shipments are picked up and delivered on time. We are in daily contact with Portugal to monitor the shipments.

In collaboration with our Portuguese partner

Safe & rapid transport to your destination

Our Portuguese partner works in the same way as Transport van Overveld, which is why our partnership has been a success for many years. Advanced telematics systems provide a continuous overview of your shipment. The trucks are double-manned to move safely and quickly between the Benelux and Portugal.

Request an obligation-free quotation

A customised quotation in your email box within 24 hours for your transport to or from Portugal.

Rob Ligthart, Operations Manager

if it fits in the truck, we can transport it!

From clothing to wine transport

The range of goods is also diverse when it comes to Portugal. We bring clothes for shops and online shops, and trucks return from Portugal with wine and olive oil. So here, too: if it fits in a truck, we transport it!

We ensure it runs smoothly

Importing wine and olive oil

Our trucks hardly ever return empty. This is how we bring large quantities of wine and olive oil from Portugal to the Netherlands for our import customers. Would you also like to start importing? Ask us about the possibilities.

Transit times Portugal

Groupage up to 3,000 kg
Lisbon4 to 5 days
Porto4 to 5 days
Algarve5 to 7 days
LTL up to 12,500 kg
Lisbon4 to 5 days
Porto4 to 5 days
Algarve5 to 7 days
LTL and FTL from 12,500 kg
Lisbon4 days
Porto4 days
Algarve5 days