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Etten-Leur - NL
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Are you already familiar with our special types of services?
we look beyond the borders of a country

Specialities at van Overveld

Our specialisms are not limited to the borders of Spain, France and Portugal. We have developed strongly in recent years in both goods handling and execution. Below is a selection of our activities in which we consider ourselves specialists.

barcelona within 24 hours, and madrid within 30 hours

Express Service

Thanks to our smart and unique coupling systems, we can unload your express shipment in Barcelona within 24 hours and Madrid within 30 hours.

We do this through our self-developed coupling system with partially double-manned vehicles.

These systems enable you to supply your “last-mile delivery partner” on a daily basis to minimise time lost in the delivery of your valuable and sought-after shipments. Contact us to discuss your options!

Request an obligation-free quotation

A customised quotation in your email box within 24 hours for one of our special types of service.

Rob Ligthart, Operations Manager

Our vehicles and drivers ensure the right expertise

Trade fairs and project deliveries

We have been supplying trade fairs in France and Spain for many years. Thanks to the use of our vehicles and drivers, there is always on-site expertise available to ensure the delivery of trade fair materials runs smoothly. Large projects, e.g. several FTLs for a construction or installation project, are also in good hands with us: fixed contact persons, use of our own equipment and, if necessary, an on-site coordinator to guarantee the smooth running of your project loads.

You can therefore call on our experience for trade fairs and large projects; don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for more information.

Your goods are transported at a constant temperature.

(Conditioned) ADR Transport

Our drivers all possess an ADR diploma, and naturally, the trucks are all fully ADR-equipped. Experienced personnel in our cross-dock centres guarantee the proper handling of your sensitive ADR products.

ADR goods can also be transported at a constant temperature upon request. Naturally, the thermo-trailers are all equipped with temperature registration so that the temperature development during transport can be monitored afterwards.

Your goods delivered on an exact day and time

Time-critical and inner-city deliveries to the shopping street

We are seeing an increasing number of delivery requests on an exact day and time. Especially for deliveries of e-commerce shipments. We can, of course, take care of this, provided we are notified in good time. And with a network covering our destination countries, we can also deliver your shipments to the shopping streets of Barcelona and Madrid with the help of local partners.

containers and train options

Intermodal transport

At Transport van Overveld, we look for the best route for your cargo, and for long distances, we also make extensive use of intermodal solutions. This involves using both existing rail and short sea connections. We are also happy to be your partner in using intermodal solutions. Feel free to contact us to discuss the various possibilities and to find the best and cleanest solution for your transport.